#1 Noodle Makes a Mess

Ice cream, crayons and paint. It's just another messy day around the house for Noodle!


#2 Noodle Gets Lost

It's a fun day out for Noodle's family, but Noodle forgets about staying with the people she knows in a busy place. 


#3 Noodle's Nature Adventure

A day trip to the woods and lots to explore. Can Noodle learn to look after nature?

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#4 Noodle's Maths Challenge

Noodle loves to explore, play and learn, but when numbers are involved she starts to feel worried. Help Noodle be brave in this maths adventure. 

#5 Noodle's Healthy Eating Heroics

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Sometimes, healthy relationships with food can be a challenge. Join Noodle and her family as they learn about balance, body image, and understanding how to support others.