A Research Informed series of books

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Research is fast-paced, and recommendations are frequently put forward for parents, carers or practitioners to act on. As a result, it is often difficult to know the best way to approach a range of increasingly complex issues that can impact children’s development and lives.

The ‘Whoopsie Doodle Little Noodle’ series addresses this difficulty.

Through Noodle’s adventures and learning, key research findings surrounding a wider range of issues are broken into a format that not only supports grown-ups in approaching and educating various topics, but is also accessible and fun for all children.

Examples include:


[1] Promoting resilience.

[2] Overcoming educational anxieties.

[3] Connecting with nature (wellbeing).

[4] Managing feelings of guilt and shame.

The ever-expanding series is visually exciting and supported by free downloadable activities that have been created in collaboration with primary teacher expertise.