Dr. Dominic Petronzi


The idea of Noodle, her world and experiences were first imagined during the festive period in 2017 and was developed further alongside the Prince’s Trust. The hope for these books is to bring to light a range of issues in a way that children can understand using a method that supports parents, carers and educational practitioners.


Having previously worked in education, childhood and inclusion, and now as a lecturer in psychology, I have a keen interest in child development.


Supporting the educational experiences of children within the primary sector has been at the forefront of my professional work for 9 years and during this time, I have developed a philosophical approach of making a positive difference.  The values, morals and resilience of children is increasingly highlighted by media outlets, and given my philosophical stance, I would like to be a part of improving how such issues are approached and taught. 


My research area is maths anxiety, and I have published work relating to the origins of maths anxiety in the early years of education. This work has culminated in: [1] a British Psychological Society and continuing professional development endorsed short course, [2] publications, [3] research collaborations, [4] conference presentations, and [5] workshop/training events internally and externally.


Beyond Academia, I have earned significant experience in school and residential settings, working collaboratively with multiple agencies, including child and adolescent mental health services, educational psychology services, behaviour support, language therapist, national teaching and advisory service and social workers.



For maths anxiety-based training sessions, pelase contact DGP Education:                            



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