Peter Seymour

Peter is a 'cartoony man' and illustrator of the Whoopsie Doodle Little Noodle books. He very much enjoys bringing the mischievous little pup to life. Peter has been getting to know Noodle and all her friends over the past year and is looking forward to you all meeting her and getting to know her too!

Peter likes to draw. A lot. He grew up in York and used to draw his favourite characters from the Beano and Dandy comics. He enjoyed creating his own comics and this has helped him to become the very talented illustrator that he is today.

At college, Peter discovered a real joy for painting things like hats and apples. In fact, he enjoyed this so much, he decided to progress with this at university. Following his undergraduate years, he moved to Derby where he now lives and works as a chef…wearing hats and cooking apples!

Since meeting Dominic, Peter has brought Noodle’s world and her friends to life with his wonderful artistic skills and vision, and he is an instrumental part of the team.

Peter really hopes that you enjoy the books as much as he enjoys illustrating them.